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My Answer To Cameron

 If you could describe my blog in just a few words what would they be?

Some personal issues retained me from visiting Cameron’s Blog sooner, but here I am to answer her question and tell her why I have  chosen her blog to nominate, which are the features that I admire in it.

First of all I had been visiting her blog since the beginning of the students blogging competition; I just loved to rest for a small pause there, listening to her music. Thus I took the time to get acquainted with her style, and to appreciate it.

I couldn’t possibly have done the same with all the new student blogs that were popping up everywhere in the space of stubc08, although I visited a lot of them; and I’m certain I would find new  treasures if had been given time to visit more accurately so many blogs I miss. I won’t name them here, some of them are present on the blog roll of our class blog but the complete list would be too long. 

Thus, all along the challenge, I have become aware of the progress Cameron was making: her writing was evolving both in clarity and in expressing something unique: her own voice.

The first post that stroked me was “Things to Think About” – I know the students from Connecticut  have a great teacher that comes up with thoughtful subjects to blog about – however, the progression of ideas was genuinely hers, and I surprised myself to be wondering about these same questions,   thanks to the power of her only words.

“Would you listen to a 12 years old?” – Cameron asks in this post. My answer to her question is:” – Yes, I would.”- In fact, I found inspiration and renewed my courage to face the daily fight of life, – to get all duties done, to bring justice into small actions, to accept unpredictable problems and suffering,  – as well as I have renewed my capacity to contemplate the  wonders that humbly surround us in everyday life – the healing power of music, the beauty of nature, the mysterious ways of  human friendship   just by letting the spirit of “joyful rebellion for a better world”, that animates Cameron’s writing, take hold of me.

As Miss W. puts it in a comment to the Edublog Awards announcement “Any chance in future for a student award as they don’t have the PLN that adult bloggers has? Even under primary/elementary, middle, high and senior high school. Remember these are the bloggers of the future we should be helping to grow.” 

I believe that young bloggers are already playing an active part in the renewal of our era; that the fragile web they are weaving with their written words conceal the power to multiply and deepen friendly connections as the foundations of a different society:  the one that will find its joy in sharing and thus will be healthier, more happy, more free.

So, Cameron, in a few words, I would define your blog as “Joyful Rebellion for a Better World”.

Ines Pinto



6 Responses to “The Bloggers Of The Future”

  1.   cameron Says:

    Hello Inpi,
    Thank you so much for taking the time out to write this post on my blog. It really means a lot to me. And I have to say that describes my blog very well!=] I also want to thank you again for nominating me. Although what I don’t know is if they already picked the people who won. Would you happen to know? And where could I go and see who did if they already pick them? I also love your answer on how you would listen to a 12 year old(13 now). I apreciate that you would listen to someone my age. Thank you once again for everything that you have done for me and my blog. I’m sure to get a lot of hits know!!=]

    Thank you,
    -Cameron @ http://camerone09.edublogs.org/

  2.   sam Says:

    i am a friend of camerons and i too love her blog.

    btw…how did you get it to “snow” on your blog. its sooo cool!!


  3.   sarahf09 Says:

    Hello Inpi,
    I know Cameron and love visiting her blog. He’s a very good friend with inspiring words. And i agree, not only us being the students from Connecticut, but all the young bloggers learn something everyday. It makes our voices stronger and actually gives us a purpose to speak, since we know people are actually listening.

  4.   helenaish Says:

    Thank you for your comment on my book review… I loved the book so much, and I am now reading the 3rd one.
    you are right, I think also that the boys are jelous, and think that its only for girls and that its a bad film!!!
    thank you for your comment and keep commenting.. Helena

  5.   sveom Says:

    Hi my name is Rubi Irealy love your website it’s really cool I like the way you talk about your stuff

  6.   sveom Says:

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    I had a friend who had a forien exchange student from Portugul. Thank you for the comment .



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