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vitral at my mother's house Trying to come back on line again, after about six months of too many happenings and deep changes in daily life.

My beloved mother died on the  21st of May, from  lung cancer; I had to take some time to learn how to live without  her warm company and accept to interpret the illuminating effect of her absence in a totally new and positive sense.

Meanwhile I underwent  knee surgery in the beautiful Santana Hospital; physioterapy treatments followed along the whole summer; after some obstinate regressions, treatment sessions are finally winding down and, hopefully, – and thanks to my wonderful doctors –  I ‘ll soon recover full autonomy.

However,  I won’t be able to walk fast as before, nor to carry weights – as my laptot -:( – , nor to drive an old jeep with a heavy clutch pedal; in fact, as the patellar tendons are not aligned with the tibia in both knees, the most simple daily effort can mean enough strain to provoke inflammation; so I must learn how to cope with this condition and go ahead following a new rithm.

Meanwhile, first school trimester is over with its joys and pains; the change of the entire internet system  worked unsatisfactorily so far, and after some frustrating trials,  I went back to the old “talk and chalk” lessons ;  our 5th and 6th grade wikis are thus limited to home work and I engaged to publish our kids texts at our school blog.

Now  Christmas pause keeps inspiring us to dare a blog make over on our 6th grade edublog, although I know kids won’t have any time allowed to blog at school, at least for now. That’s why I didn’t even told them about the great  Challenge and, as far as my physioterapy sessions  went on, I didn’t enroll to be a challenge helper.

So, from time to time, I  wonder about the ultimate meaning of sharing  educational on-line experiences that are so limited either by adverse or by unforeseen circumstances…

8 Responses to “Trying to Rebuild Home at Edublogs”

  1.   chimp122 Says:

    Hi Inpi!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    I’m sorry about your mother.
    I think it is great though that you are at least trying to come back to blogging…
    I wish you a quick recovery on your knee.

  2.   seawolf Says:

    my last comment I was accidentally logged into my younger sister’s Edublogs account, so really it was me commenting. But feel free to visit her blog because she just started and loves receiving visitors.

  3.   Miss W. Says:

    What a beautiful photo of your mother on your ‘About’ page. It takes time to deal with death but also with your own personal disability. I too did not have a good year, mentally, at school but like you, am now rebuilding and getting back into the swing of things.

  4.   inpi Says:

    @chimp122, Thank you Dominique. I just hope my kids will be given time to learn how to blog at school. I’ll visit you soon.

  5.   inpi Says:

    @seawolf, That’s ok Dominique, I’ve been over your blog already, it’s getting nicer each day. Would you wish me to write in French so that you could do some training with me?

  6.   inpi Says:

    @Miss W., Such a wonderful expression: “the swing of things” – I never heard it before.
    My Mother took that photo when I was a baby; in fact she was a beautiful lady.
    My knees are “burning” at this moment, but I put ice on them and keep working.
    I hope you have had a rest and will soon be in shape again to multiply connections among youth!

    I wish you a new year fully lived: right in the heart of the “swing of things”

  7.   Kimberly Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your mother and the challenges you’ve had with your knee. I really hope that 2010 is a better year for you. I’m not online as much now that my son has arrived, but I still think of you.

  8.   inpi Says:

    @Kimberly, How nice to hear from you, Kimberley. Congratulations for your son! I also wish 2010 will be a great year for you. And maybe, very soon, your little one will be “pushing” you to be online again.

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