Celebrating the second Centenary of Father Usera’s Birth

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usera3All along this year, in every school belonging to the Congregation of  ”The Love of God”

we are celebrating the second centenary of Father Usera‘ s birth, the founder of the sisters of our school.

During our short Carnaval holidays, about 25 educational workers were invited to visit Toro, in Spain, where he settled the foundation of his first school.

Together with the amazing fact that we could actually admire some real snow falling down – otherwise, the only  place where it snows for me is on my blog – we had lots of fun, shared great conversations and we participated in some deeply interesting sessions about the outstanding deeds that turned Father Usera’ s life in a masterpiece of creativity at the service of solidarity.

His life deserves to be told, mainly in this year, dedicated to combat poverty and social exclusion. In fact, from his generous example,  we can still draw inspiration to make the “right moves” while striving to meet  the urgent calls for help that rise from so many wounded places in our present world.

In every front of his fight, he took the defense of slaves, children in danger, humble workers, vulnerable women. Mainly, he pleaded the cause of women’ s education, realizing that, by giving them large and free access to instruction and education, the whole society would be touched, lifted and quickly transformed, as women remain the “touch stone” of society through the  hidden influence they exert at their families’ heart and the formative role they play concerning  children.

The Institutes, Schools and Homes he founded, mainly in Africa – Costa da Guiné – and the Antilles – Cuba – often at the peril of his health and personal security, did n’ t cease with his death. They not only survive until today, but continue to grow and spread over so many different countries –  Mozambique, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru… –  as the deeds of Love alone conceal the power to remain and multiply.

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  1.   Dominique Says:

    Bonjour Inpi!
    Merci pour ta visites!Happy blogging challenge to you too!
    Wow,Father Usera sure made a difference in his lifetime, fighting for what was right. I never even knew that he existed before this post, so thank you very much for sharing about him!
    A tout a l’heure,

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    Best wishes,

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