First Day Comment Challenge

1. How often do you comment?
Very seldom; in fact, I’m just starting all that activity where a reasonable part of humanity is already deeply engaged. Reading about the meaning of commenting has been encouraging to me, even if I probably shouldn’t be participating on this challenge, as I have to struggle to find the words and to build the sentences in the beautiful English Language.


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5 thoughts on “First Day Comment Challenge

  1. Hi Inpi – I’m glad you have joined us with the Challenge. As I have said before you write really well in English and it is always a pleasure receiving a comment from you. SO I am very grateful that you have taken the time to comment on my blog posts because I know it is more challenging for you.

  2. Hi Impi
    Nice to meet you through the 31-Day Challenge. I am very moved by your desire to blog and join us (in English). Please keep writing. I am sure your fellow bloggers will help you along the way. With warmest wishes.

  3. G’day Stora,
    Thanks for commenting in my class blog. We would love to exchange comments with your class once they get started. My students are grades 6/7. I might have to put a language converter on the page so you can read it more easily in Portuguese. Welcome to the challenge.

  4. As I was unable to embed my technorati tag in my blog, I will comment my own post so that cocomment may follow me. But I’ll go on tomorrow, for it is too late to post comments in my country.

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