4th Day Comment Challenge

I thought it would be quite easy to formulate some interesting questions, because almost all blogs offer an attractive content, although I knew already that some of them are too difficult yet, speaking about subjects I can’t grasp.

However, today’s task turned to be a difficult one to me: I could kept some questions in my head during the day, but they seemed to have vanished as soon as I settled to write them down. How come could I write, after all, just one question, when I’m crossing the frontier of an entirely new world? When every post I read is highly inspiring?

I guess it is, on one hand, because I’m fleeing to quickly from a discovery to another, I’m not taking the time to be innerly aware of what my consciousness is touching, I keep on the surface of a brilliant, multicolored landscape.

On the other hand, I don’t know why, today I couldn’t find any question posted on co Comment neither on Google Reader or even on Technorati – nor do I know why have I so triplicated my ways of following our Challenge…

I got two comments to my own posts so far! And as I couldn’t learn how to put a technorati’s tag on them, Sue Waters has came in my rescue through twitter: that was a really cool surprise!Add to Technorati Favorites

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3 thoughts on “4th Day Comment Challenge

  1. Thank you Sue Waters, I deeply appreciate your attentiveness to my first hesitating steps. I understand that

    Language can’t be a barrier between web-neighbors: I will gladly do by best to think in English; my main concern is

    about dealing with technology, and the kind of practical comprehension it requires. As I come late, when I join our

    Challenge I feel already too tired to study the highly inspiring posts where everything that I must learn is clearly

    exposed. Thank you for accepting me as I am now.

  2. Hello from California. Like you, I am also working on the Day 4 activity for the Comment Challenge and found your post on the wiki. Although I do not read Portuguese, I can see that your blog about your teaching journey. My question to you is “what would you like to be asked about teaching and learning in a digital age?”

    Gail Desler

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