5th Day Comment Challenge

Today I’ve been given the task to post a comment contradicting someone’s perspective in a post. I had already noticed a “shocking” title: “I hate writing” and, thanks to coComment, I could easily track it back at “Howhat”‘s Blog; unfortunately I lost my coComment blue reference at the bottom of my comment, so it will not be joining the conversations of our Challenge group. However, and thanks to another kind person in this Challenge, I learned, two days ago, how to copy paste my own comments to a note tab, so I can post it again, (but I don’t know where) to share it with the Challenge Community.

I can contradict someone like I did, if I’m told to, and in a peaceful context like the one we are living in, otherwise I wouldn’t dare enter someone’s blog and contradict him; some of my friends would love to do it just because they have fair-play enough and because they think better opposing their reasonings against others, they see clearer by drawing definite lines, straight limits between things.

Others, like me, would rather look for what is common between two different perceptions, would try to make out an harmony from diversity of perspectives, taking music, and not painting, as a model of understanding reality and relating to others.

If I had entered Howhat’s Blog by myself, I would post something about the advantages of podcasting, and I still would have been sincere. But I won’t bother to share with him my love for writing. I wonder what would he have prefer to read?

I was very happy about the new comments I got today: one in my blog, from Blog Walker and another from Lark Rise in his own site, then Chris, and Gabriella… This was great! And if you are part of the Comment Challenge remember to add the commento8 tag to your post.