6,7 and 8 Days

What have I learned about my self as a commenter?
I’ve found that I didn’t knew the true value of commenting and underestimated the impact it may have on our improuvement as bloggers, on our capacity to engage and relate to others and even on the visited blogger, as there is a deeply human and enriching experience we can share with him or her.

What have I learned about the act of commenting?

This act may be far more important than just writing posts: it feeds the dialog between bloggers, it help us to take some distance in relation to our own perspective, it requires us to listen carefully, even to go out our own niche, to left behind the comfort of our “web-home” to venture into the wild. And it’s an act of courtesy, too, the digital replica of the art of visiting and showing our care, approval and admiration towards our fellow-bloggers.

How do I think my recent comment activities have impacted me as a commenter and as a blogger?

Well, I know that when all this adventure will be over and I will be able to settle down and start practicing, I will find precious advices in the articles posted by the promoters and supporters of this challenge about blogging and commenting. But at least I’m already sure that, from now on, I won’t stop to learn and to progress in this new path; I strongly feel I’ve been welcomed within a large community who provides not only a brilliant technical support to its members, but mainly a sense of citizenship and human brotherhood that makes worth while any kind of effort.

(Day 6 – I’ve lost my comment to another commenter, when trying to engage in a conversation, the publishing link having accused “error”.  Day 7 – I’ve failed to reflect upon what I had learned: as I arrived too late, I gave my self a break and wondered through the suggestions coming in the twitter flow; thus, I discovered “arped” at arped.com that I explored at my jottit page  and classtools.net that my students loved.)