11th Day

A Comment Policy
This is a realy difficult task for me right now. I’ve been reading all through several different conversations, adding diigo “sticky notes” to Neville Hobson’s “Terms of Use” and Michelle Martin’s “Newbie Guide”, and agreeing with a post by Kate Foy about not feeling the need of an explicit comment policy, but the task itself seems too hard.
Maybe I should do it with my students instead of kind of imposing them a set of rules; I will tell them about the eventual issues concerning comments, then I will give them some guidelines to reflect about it; as soon as they will be ready to discuss it, we will organize a class “assembly” and we will write down what they agree to adopt as our comment policy.
I will translate the “Newbie Guide”, if Michelle allows me, so that their reflections may rely on a “legal document” as a solid reference.
Up till now, we never had any trouble with comments, as even spam hasn’t noticed our existence; as for the kids themselves, their “on-line behavior” has been correct, so far, on the School Moodle platform or in our crazy pbwiki.
May be all went well because we have moved to “web land” just recently, and also because these students are young enough to feel honored for having been empowered as administrators.
Today is actually the 12th day of comment08.