12th Day

Is my Blog Technology “Comment Friendly”?
Concerning technology, I’ve just made some setting adjustments, like allowing comments – there is no need to be registered and logged in anymore -, freeing comments from moderation – just for a couple of days, otherwise it will be too risky due to spam threat – and I certainly would have already embedded akismet if I just would be given time enough to remember what I’ve done with my API key.
In order to make my posts more accessible I go to Technorati to ping my blog; there I read they are explicitly asking people to do it each time they write a post.
I’ve learned all this when following the conversation generated by a post at The Edublogger: “Are your Comment Settings Making it hard for Readers to Comment?”
Also, in building my blog, I ‘m trying to create a more friendly and personal atmosphere through technology: I’ve customized the header with a real photo of my School – but I’ll change it soon, because one of my students is easily recognizable although they were quite enthusiastic about it; we simply are not allowed to publish such photos on-line.
I have also added a direct link to our blog of the Portuguese Department that has been just put on “web-orbit” yesterday. I’m responsible for the editing – my colleagues will be joining me soon – and I’ll receive help from the person responsible for the formatting – which is a Brazilian Mom of four of our students.
I’m also trying to insert links – as above – referring my statements or reflections to their original source, so readers may move freely.
And today I’ve found two new comments: surprise and joy from comment08.