20th Day

Three Links Ahead
Yesterday I went to one of the blogs I regularly visit – since the Challenge began, obviously, as I didn’t “exist” before as a regular reader – and from there I started to click away into the unknown. I’ve choosen Learning in a Flat World because I keep going to this Blog, again and again, as it always give me something challenging and passionate to think about; from the inspiring post “The Impact of Social Media” I went to Frown Town Evasion where I read Serena’s project about Students work being fully recognized: “My theory is this: make student creation and inspiration inescapable“From there I went deep down into the blogosphere, but I soon got lost into wonderful but too difficult posts to comment as it was for Visual Culture in the History Classroom
As Michele had told us to go on repeating the process  until we find  a post we could comment, I went on passing  trough Bamboo then back again until  “And He Blogs” where I read about Calaméo, a recent tool, in beta version, that allows us to publish and share documents but embedding videos in them. I thought about recommending this new tool and, when exploring the site, found that comments were allowed after  public reading of works, photos or files. We may ask permission to add contacts there, so I brought back with me a French friend to comment08.
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2 thoughts on “20th Day

  1. Today I went three links out and ended up here! I love the tagline of your blog: “This weblog is about learning in friendship.” I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment, and I’ll be back to visit again 😉


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