21st Day

Offering Ice Cream to Eskimos
That is how I felt when fulfilling this activity today about making a recommendation. Comment Challenge allows us to make certain moves and take some initiatives we would not even dream of under normal circumstances.
In return, I will try to list all the recommendations about web tools I received in less than a month, first through twitter, since the end of April, and shortly after, directly within the context of the Challenge itself; until then I just knew Google Reader, Google Note Book and skype
Twitter presented itself, found by chance at The Edublogger; I began to follow Sue Waters
 than some of her friends, and, all af a sudden,  I became aware of a totally new world:  educational web 2.0.
I’m begining to use Google Talk, Co-comment , Technorati, Diigo Delicious, Mybloglog, Flickr, Calaméo – I believe these are all related to social media and social bookmarking; I also have been recommended some tools like Photo Philtre, Jing, Read the Words
Everyday there is something new and intelligent to look at or to try, as if I had joined an endless quest where so many people is already engaged for a long time, irradiating  this strong sense of being a Community through unceasing  sharing of technical knowledge, critical thought, personal reflection and mutual support.
This web tool’s list shows only partially  my debt to comment08.
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