22nd Day

Highlighting Comments
I’ll choose a comment from Michele Martin that turned out to be  important to me as it made me realize how essential it is, when writing a post, to keep faithful to the original thought of another person we are referring to.
In fact, the “Newbie Guide to the Bamboo Project” shows to the reader what a comment really is, how he must do technically to insert his comment in the post, and how valuable comments are to the blogger.
When reading this instructions, any reader will feel welcomed and encouraged to comment; and, furthermore, he will feel safe, too, as the “ethic atmosphere” of the conversations to be engaged in this blog is set up both clearly and friendly.
What I really meant was …”- wrote Michele in her comment, thus having to clarify any misunderstanding of her own – yet clearly expressed – idea. I also realized, then, how words’ connotations may be “stronger” than their literal meanings thus eventually leading the reader to different interpretations.
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One thought on “22nd Day

  1. I think you make a great point about how connotations of words can be stronger than their actual meaning. I think that’s why people did react so strongly to the word “policy,” a word I tend to dislike too. “Policy” feels very official and bureaucratic and I think that’s why so many people balked at it. One of the things I love about blogging–it really gets you thinking more about what you “say” and how you say it!

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