23rd Day

Tips For a Great Comment

I’ve just found everything I could ever need to write this post on Thoughts on Being a Great Blog Commenter

by Kirsty A. Dyer, so I will just write down what I’ve kept in mind about this subject.

1. We must keep focused on the post subject.

2. We must be polite and, even better, sound friendly – I don’t mean too familiar.

3. We should add some useful content to enhance the conversation.

4. Concision and clarity of thought are welcome.

5. Always link to the sources if we quote someone or recommend a site. (I can’t do this properly yet, I spent too much time searching for my sources).

6. Usually, comments stay online, they stand for each of us, they represent us.

7. And, finally, through comments, a true relationship may develop and grow into real friendship.

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3 thoughts on “23rd Day

  1. @Sue, I went to Kristi’s again to pick a quote in order to answer properly to Kevin and I stumbled upon a wonderful list of different media tools to use in comments! I’ll post again about what I’ve learned through her!
    @ Kevin, maybe I was just translating literally a Portuguese way of building the sentence, and I see now it doesn’t work in English.
    As I had read in Kristi’s blog (Day 23): http://drdyer.edublogs.org
    “Think long-term: not just incoming traffic today but exposure down the road (…)” and:
    “Remember that once your post is submitted it will be read by many and possibly used against you later. Always examine your motives before you post.”
    So, what I meant was that what I write in comments stay there, maybe for a long, long while, it represents my thought, my values, my personality; I must be aware that my comments stand for me, that I won’t be able to erase them after posting them.
    The obscurity of my statements lies perhaps in the fact that, in my mother language, one may say “we” to mean “one self”, as when, in English, you say “you” and you mean “each person”, “one self”: “Remember that once your post is submitted…”
    Thank you for your visit, Kevin.

  2. I like your list, but I was a bit confused about this one: Usually, comments stay online, they stand for each of us, they represent us.

    Can you explain?

    Do my comments here represent all of us here?


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