25th and 26thDay

A Different Way to Comment

Shortly after having enjoyed the delightful break we have been given as the 25th challenge activity, I must slow down again: students second tour of tests has started, I’m dwelling with 120 brand new tests from my students and the “National Examination Board” (I don’t know the corresponding words in English) just send me 60 anonymous tests to correct. Thus, I decided not to open Google reader during a couple of days to avoid “falling in temptation”. Even if it will turn to be an impoverishment to my participation, I’m sure I will come back to read in June.

Now, concerning the use of new multimedia tools to post comments, I found again, just passing by, in Kristi‘s blog, a list – if not exhaustive, at least very complete – of such tools that may cheer up, turn lighter and make the difference for the act of commenting.

I will just reflect on the totally new perspective this quick glimpse on the matter opened to me:

1. I think it’s a great idea to use several different ways to comment on posts. Each way, according to its own specificity, allows a different kind of comment; one must choose such way in accordance with the nature, the length, the complexity or the simplicity of the comment itself.

2. I’ve seen comments posted with Seesmic , Snapvine and subscribed to it; as we can see the different expressions of the commenter’s face as well as other non verbal communication features, it is more easy not to get tangled in connotations and double meanings. And being able to be seen by a friend or to see one may be a sweet joy.

3. Even more simple, audio comments may show up to be more cosy, or more light; as we hear the inflexions of another voice, it should be quite easy to clearly see the point the other person is trying to express.

4. I loved the suggestion of using scrapblogs: if you have time, and let your creativity unfold, you may build a very special kind of comment, aesthetically valuable, as if, in visiting someone, you would also bring along with you a bunch of wild flowers, a delicious home made dessert or just an exquisite perfume.

I just hope I don’t sound as some kind of an “expert”: I never used any of these tools myself, I’m just “daydreaming”. But, in time, when I’ll have learned enough, I’ll post a message from Read the Words