28th Day

Foundations for Building a Comment Strategy

As for the concept of branding, I had to go through the process of progressively distinguishing several layers in the possible application of this concept of “strategy” concerning comments, ranging from an economical and marketing context up to a more personal one.

In the meanwhile, I’ve learned something new about the respect that those who earn their life by blogging deserve; I understood they have to deal with branding, they have to build comment strategies but I didn’t see the point of me having to reflect on that, before. Now I feel I’m closer to them than I thought.

Now I see this need to be “strategic” as an essential feature of the commenting activity; I’m not quite sure yet about how I would express this “strategy” myself, but, If it’s true that I – like most of us – am on-line for the love of reflecting and sharing, whatever strategy I draw to improve my comments must remain at the service of these leading values.

As for those who make their living on line and have to struggle in a competitive environment, it’s up to them to make up smart and strong strategies as long as they don’t harm their spontaneity or their authenticity; and in that professionals keep close to amateurs: both must remain faithful to their own consciousness, if they are to stand free in the “hurricane’s eye” – I mean amidst the turmoil of adversity we all must learn to face in our human dwellings.

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