29th Day

Project for a  Student’s Comment Guide

As I’m running out of time, I’ll try to summarize my thoughts on this activity, without going deeper on the subject, as it requires from me a certain amount of research and reading that I unhappily can’t provide. I apologize for avoiding proper and due quoting to save time; my main source for this post has been The Bamboo Project itself and my main future source for the project itself will be Miss W posts on the subjec.

1. I’ve been talking to my young students about the concept of “brand” and I’ve told them the story of those young man that have been haunted by their confidences made too wastefully in My Spaces. They were surely shocked; they didn’t had the feeling that their adolescence and their youth could project its shadow upon their adult life in the future; they were angry that google had such a long memory.They agreed it will be necessary to reflect upon a strategy both on posting and on commenting.

2. As most of our students remain in our school until they enter university – until they are 17 or 18 – I thought to choose some of my ex-students and invite them to talk to my young ones. The oldest could even suggest some questions to be asked and the youngest would add their own under my supervision. The different interviews could be video played during recreation, for instance, and then viewed and analyzed in the classroom.

3. From that basis we could draw some conclusions leading to outline our commenting strategy. We would of course be relying on and including, since the beginning of this critical task, our “Terms of Use” about comments in general.

4. Once completed, our Students would share their Comment Guide with their parents and friends, using web2.0 tools of their choice, to make it known.

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4 thoughts on “29th Day

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  2. @Miss W., I’ll sure look at your blogging and comment survey, I would like to translate it for my students, duly authored, and it would be for us a basis to start our reflection.

    @Sue, I’ve some ex-students in mind, I mean those that I know will take the subject seriously enough and that are aware of their own power to influence the youngest. This project will not be fulfilled until next school year, but I’ll surely let you know, Sue.

  3. I really like the idea of inviting the former students to have interview with the current students. Then use this to give the students creating their own Student Comment Guide.

    Please let me know how you go with this.

  4. Great idea Inpi. I might do this as well next term once we are back at school. We can look at the blogging and comment survey I have had my students complete online. Feel free to have your students complete this as well.

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