31st Day

The Last Challenge

In order to answer as I should, I must quote and link to almost every Blog I visited; as I can’t possibly do it, I will address all my gratitude to The Comment Challenge “general quarters”.

1. What did you personally gain from the Challenge?

R. A growing sense of belonging to a Community, the discovery of several unique “voices” at Edublogs, the adventure of writing and reading in a sharing perspective, the joy of rediscovering the beautiful English language – (my translation studies just seem to have been reactivated from a distant past).

2. What did you gain professionally?

R. My students will have a word to say…In the meanwhile, I may add that now I know where are the fundamental sources I must consult to study and put into practice the art of blogging and using web20 tools in the context of School.

3. Is this something you would do again? Why?

R. I certainly would, though I hope not in May again; it’s the most busy month of the whole school year as we have to correct tests twice and to deal with the ones sent by the “education government department” and to prepare the school festival; July or August would be most welcome. I’ll do it again because it enlarges my horizon and turn me to others, it makes me a better blog citizen.

4. What do you think you will do differently now?

R. I will share my e-learning endless quest, as I’m not alone any longer; my personal effort to put into practice what I’ve learned and admired will be more effective and systematic; I will use social bookmarking as a means of organizing my work while sharing it at the same time.

5. Top Five Lessons:

R: 1 – The use of several web2.0 tools.

2 – A more acute sense of duty, of commitment towards others and the joy that comes with it.

3 – A greater awareness of rights and duties implied in the exposure and building of our on-line identity.

4 – A growing sense of responsibility concerning on line possible issues for young students and more effective knowledge to counteract.

5 – The most subtle lesson, the most hard to express: the lesson on humanity that irradiates from such wonderful posts I’ve been honored to freely read and friendly comment.

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3 thoughts on “31st Day

  1. Hi inpi,
    Thanks for putting so much effort into my request. I really appreciate it. Oh and i almost forgot to tell you a Wii is a video game console so it plays video games. I think your new blog design looks awesome. I have to go now my mom is calling me for dinner. Bye!

  2. Ines, reading your reflections of participating in the Comment Challenge has highlighted another aspect of blogging that I haven’t thought of that much. Our responsibility to be good role models. As citizens of the blogoshpere we need to understand that what we do needs to model appropriate behaviours if we are to encourage others to participate in ways that are safe and supportive, particularly for our younger people/students.

    As you acknowledge, and was the case for me too, I didn’t manage to complete all the tasks, but the learnings have been powerful none the less. I also know that I’ll be a little more deliberate and thoughtful when commenting on other people’s blogs.

    It’s been great to make the connection with you!

  3. Having read some of your posts and comments, I would add that a sense of joy comes from this effort in addition to a sense of duty and commitment. I know I find it energizing – and your comments suggests the same for you!

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