Web2.0 Wednesday 1

A Web2.0 Bilingual Approach

After trying hard to create an online portfolio – until I realized that I had only read half of Michele Martin’s last post – I finally understood what we were meant to do for our first web2.0wednesday

Then, having gathered some inspiration from the awesome contributions of my fellow bloggers Carla and Kevin I made up this one minute presentation of the prevailing values in web2.0; I used different possibilities offered by  Photofiltre to transform a photo.

The upload system didn’t recognized it at first and kept saying the file was empty; I noticed that I hadn’t name the file at all; I also saved it as a j peg. file, although I’m not sure I needed to.

Web2.0 Values

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5 thoughts on “Web2.0 Wednesday 1

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  2. Well done Ines — I’m still plotting what I will do. Have to admit I’m still no closer to making a decision which is no surprise since I can’t make even the simplest buying decision.

  3. I love your creativity in expressing the essence of Web 2.0.
    As Carla said, I’m glad to have connected with you through the Comment Challenge!

  4. Ines,

    I loved your Web2.0 image and message, even more because it’s in English and Portuguese!

    Isn’t that great to keep the connections we started in the commentchallenge?

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