Web2.0 Wednesday 7

Creating a Poll

As I returned home from a few days of holidays, I found that Michele Martin was asking us to vote for a web2.0 wednesday logo and to create a poll

Actually, I had been visiting The Edublogger and had found a very useful article about creating polls. I had immediatly tried to create one, intended to my young students, thus written in Portuguese. In this poll, I asked them to choose up to three, among 8 possible group activities, related to web2.0 tools, and meant to enhance their reading and writing skills.

I didn’t post it, though, mainly because kids are still on holidays, but also because I’ve been busy starting a new blog in Portuguese where I would like to “migrate” all the content directly related to school daily work

I have started to translate Miss W. posts about Students Blogging Competition, but when trying to embed a google documents questionaire, it just didn’t work. Now Sue Waters herself is helping me through Twitter;Edublogs is a great Community!

10 minutes later: She did it! How wonderful!

Now,  my poll from Vizu for this Wednesday activity  is not willing to be published either…But here he goes:


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2 thoughts on “Web2.0 Wednesday 7

  1. I just love the sharing that goes on via twitter and other educational networks. Well done on working on this exciting global project. It is wonderful when we can work across language barriers and create a rich learning network.

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