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     Lately my red dots have been suddenly growing although I’m not writting for a while in my personal blog. I came to knew it by my student Filipa: “- Hey teacher, red dots are spreading all over your clustr map!”

     Of course, students participating in Student Blogging Competition are looking for our Class Blog and, instead of cliking on the Url I gave them the first time I visited them, they just click on my avatar!

     Second week is about to begin, so it’s still time to join;  if you wish you can register here; there is plenty of students coming in along the next weeks, so don’t hesitate or fear to be late. There are 7 countries participating, around 500 students from Australia, Canada, Thailand, India, Indonesia, New Zeland, Portugal and USA.

     The competition has been launched the 22th September, by S. Wyatt in her class blog Technology in our Classroom, it will extend up to the end of November, along ten weeks of activities and great conversations. Different languages are no more a barrier to communicate as students are using the translation google site as well as several blog widgets. 

     So far students have started to introduce themselves, to post riddles and challenges and to ask irresistible questions. Comments are pouring in and new friendly ties are connecting young people all over the world.

     As a Portuguese teacher engaged for the first time in such an  adventurous competition with my three 6th grade classes, I would like to express here my gratitude for the great work and generous support of both S. Wyatt and Sue Waters.

     Just two weeks ago I had registered for the massive on line course about Connectivism, although I already knew I wouldn’t be able to follow it simultaneously with our competition. But now I realize that, in some way, I’m doing a sort of “practical stage” on connectivism: the experience of this last week is all about making connections, identifying nodes, not controlling information, relying on others to keep our information safe, outsourcing our data and data processing, recognizing new patterns and learning to swim in a deluge of posts, comments, translations and unforgettable faces.

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22 thoughts on “Students Blogging Competition

  1. Teacher, add my blog into your ex student section in the right side of your blog:)

    I love your blog,I wish mine had such nice posts and as many viewers =P



  2. i was wondering how long you have been blogging are are you involed with many blogging Competitions this is the first one that i have been in.

    Also thank u for the comment you left me

  3. Great article thanks so much for sharing. I’m not sure how i found you but i always like making new blog friends. I believe i was looking for stuff on our sons condition esophageal atresia, i wish you the best.

  4. i got a comment from one of your students,sarac6b. she left me a comment but i dont know what it says. i tried a translater but it didnt sound right. i would like to get to know her but she didnt leave a link to her blog so i cant reply to her comment. this is the comment:

    Olá!Eu também gosto muito do halloween.Eu acho que o Halloween é muito diverdido e também é um dia só de fantazia onde nós, as crianças pedem doces,muitos doces.O dia do halloween é um dia mesmo muito fantástico.

    stay in touch


  5. Hi there,

    I teach 1 grade 7 class and 2 grade 8 classes this year and all of my kids are eager to connect with other students worldwide. Wondering if your students would like to visit mine and perhaps colloborate somehow down the road?

    Take care.

    Btw…eu falo portugues se for mais facil para voce communicar, mas o meu portugues nao e muito bem.


  6. Hey Ines

    It’s been fascinating watching each teachers different approach to blogging with their students. Regardless of how they are doing it, and the amount of time they can spend the students are gaining so much from it.

    I had planned to spend more time visiting your class blog but getting sick has slowed me down.

  7. Hi!
    Thank you for the comments. The movie comming out that is called Twilight is based on a book by Stephenie Meyer. There are currently four books in the series, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn(which came out a couple of months ago). This series is about a girl, Bella Swan,in high school who falls in love with a vampire. Edward cullen is the vampire that Bella falls in love with. They go through many harships with other vampires, and Bella is put in life threating situations, but in the end they end up being okay. All the books end very happily, but they leave you wanting so much more. They are all very interesting and exciting. Once I started the first book I couldn’t put the book down. If you like romance and action novels, than I really reccomend this book. The book that are out now are all from Bella’s point of veiw. Right now Stephenie Meyer is working on another book that is based on Twilight but is from Edwards point of veiw. She has the first couple of chapters of the book from Edwards point of veiw, Midnight Sun, on her website. You can get more information on the book and the movie on Stephenie Meyers offical Website.
    – Stephanie

  8. Hi.
    Yeah Faizah is relly sweet.
    I speak spanish, but I am not really good at writing it. I will try to comment on you students blogs in Spanish.

  9. Hello Inpi,
    I am participating in the student blogging competition.So far, it has been about some interesting things like where people live. It is coll checking out other people from the competition’s blog.

  10. Filipa oi! Não sei se este é o seu blog, mas o seu avatar ligadas mim aqui. Muito obrigado por o comentário e não me importo se você me comentar em portugues. Só posso traduzir, por isso, é ok. Então, o que você pensa sobre o meu blog?

    (U.S.A edubuddy)

  11. @Karen, I couldn’t post my comment to you yesterday, the machine wasn’t collaborating…Let us see…on Sunday there is no mail, correct? So I guess the butler was lying.
    “The world is filled with endless opportunities and it has a strange way of showing it” – this sentence is beautiful and it makes me think, I’ll comment it on your blog.
    s Ines

  12. Asia, you made me very curious about this book, I’ll search for it here in Portugal, and I’ll let you know if I find it.
    I started to tell “The Hobbit” to my 6b students today.
    Since yesterday we haven’t been able to post comments, I’m trying wtth this one, I hope it works.
    s. Ines

  13. hello Ms. Inpi
    well, personally I have only read one book fromt aht list and it is Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. It is part of a VERY popular series here in the U.S., the name of the series is called Twilight. It is about this highschool girl named Bella, who goes to Washington to vist her dad, during her visit she encounters a glamourous family of brothers and sisters; but waht she doesn’t know is that they are a family of vampires!. A friend of mine was so into the series, she read all 4 books in 1 week!! But I do beleive that it s a very good series for teens, and I have noticed some adults that have started to read it. I guess that it’s catching on!

  14. no i forgot the answer i heard it from a friend in New Jersey.
    cool picture i like the whole endless fields thing, like the world is filled with endless opertunitys and it has a strange way of showing it.
    i am so happy now i have more people on my cluster mape! 🙂
    mr. bogush has a ton of hrd riddles you can ask him for some.
    i have one for you, it is easy though

    a muder happened on suday at a rich house. the maid says she was doing laudry the butler said he was geting the mail. how did it? and tell me how you know.

    my friend sean told me that

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