Edublogs Awards:2008 Nominations

Nominations for Edublogs Awards

Here are my nominations to the Edublogs Awards:

  1. Best Individual blog – Nadine
  2. Best new blog – Cameron
  3. Best Educational Tech Support – The Edublogger
  4. Best Classblog – Technology in our Classroom
  5. Best Librarian blog – (No Longer) Alone in a Library
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8 thoughts on “Edublogs Awards:2008 Nominations

  1. 0Hi Inpi,
    Thanks again for the vote! And to everyone who has voted, as well as my good friends who have written about me in their comments! Thanks Cameron, Priscila, Megan!
    Sadly I didn’t win the comp, but that’s okay. I have gotten so far and learnt so much!! Congrats to the English Blog who won in my Category. 😛

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog , it means a lot.
    Yes , now blogging is part of my life.
    I am happy of those true friends , I am very happy :).
    My sister and I are very happy you liked the blog ( I share the blog with her 😉 )
    I am sure we will keeep in touch
    Hope to hear from you soon

  3. Hello Inpi,
    I just want to thank you so much for nominating. I really appricate it. I have only been blog for about only 4 months so this is a great reward. Thank you!! And I love Nadines blog too. It is great! Thank you once again and I hope to talk to you again to see who wins everything.

    –Cameron at

  4. Hello.
    Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it. I agree that through her blog is a better way of meeting new people. I have met new people by looking at the list of participating students. For example Nadine. I agree she has a great blog. Thanks again.

  5. Hi!
    THANK YOU! I am so glad you voted and truly appreciate it. Thank you so so so much. You make me smile, and make me feel so happy that I have met such wonderful people as you all.
    I am sure to never forget this.
    Congrats to all who were nominated as well, they did well and deserve it. They are lucky to have met you as I am to have met you too. It has been a pleasure. 😀

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