3 thoughts on “#Edublogs Club – A Sign in the Sky

  1. Thank you, Kathleen and Mrs Skinner, for your enthusiastic comment. I’ve already signed up to join the volunteer team to leave comments in class blogs.
    As I’m a Tutor, my kids – school year started the 11th september – won’t come to me until two or three weeks, but I’ll surely invite them to take the challenge, even if English is their second language.

  2. Wow!
    Blew me away and needs to be shared. Do make sure you join 100wc.net with students.
    As a ‘grown up’ writer I would love you to join Team 100 Which is the volunteer team who visit class blogs & leaves a comment. Check out the details http://bit.ly/2sDdrfc

  3. Hi Ines,

    What a creative response! Such vivid word choice too. Well done!

    I was excited to read that you’re going to try this with their students. I hope they enjoy it!


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