With a Guest Blogger: “Being Humble”

 Photo by Vittorio Zamboni on Unsplash

  Photo by Vittorio Zamboni on Unsplash   

   This post has been written “at two hands” in alternate paragraphs, with my Guest Blogger:   Margarida CC, 6th Grade.

     Being Humble is an attitude that must be worked out every day: as a cork on the water is constantly pushed to the surface, so we suffer from a natural tendency to become the centre of everything.

    Being Humble may include:

  • Being kind to others;
  • To be aware of ourselves: thus we keep in contact and know more about ourselves.
  • Others get more attention, they feel that someone else understands them.
  • It isn’t enough to be tender and friendly, you have yet to share actively your gifts with others, as a painter shares his pictures, a teacher shares his wisdom and a priest shares his faith.

     As any other value, we may train humility in very simple ways, on a daily basis:

  • To wait five seconds before speaking when a discussion becomes too hot.
  • While engaging in a dialogue with someone, to make a conscientious decision to listen more than to talk.
  • To appreciate the presence of others by raising non-intrusive questions, thus helping others to show the richness of their perspectives.

    To be humble is also to be able to say honestly which attitudes we don’t approve in others without  needing to hurt anyone.

Margarida CC and Ines

Text written “at two hands” according to the book “Quero Ser Escritor” by Margarida Fonseca Santos and Elsa Serra 

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6 thoughts on “With a Guest Blogger: “Being Humble”

  1. Margarida CC speaking here:

    Hi kathleen,
    I want to thank for your generous comment .
    I´m so grateful for your comment.
    In four weeks we will be in Christmas holidays!

    • Hi Margarida,

      The staff and students at our schools are looking forward to the Christmas holidays too! Enjoy your last few weeks.

      Best wishes,

  2. Hi Margarida CC and Ines,

    I enjoyed reading your guest post! What a great idea to alternate paragraphs. Maybe this is an idea teachers could use? I’ll share your post on Twitter in the next few days.

    Margarida, you have shared some very wise words about being humble.

    I often wonder if people are becoming less inclined to ask questions when you’re having a conversation with them. I notice this a lot and find that quite sad. So this post about being humble is an important reminder!

    As well as taking deep breaths before speaking we now need to remind ourselves to pause and think before sending an email or posting online.

    Congratulations again on sharing a great post.

    Kathleen Morris
    (I’m a primary school teacher from Australia and I also work with Edublogs)

    • Hi Kathleen! I’m sorry I haven’t noticed your comment! I’ll show it to Margarida, next Thursday, she will be happy to answer.It’s very encouraging to my students to discover that there is someone listening from the other side of the Earth.

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