Why Do You Write?



      All of us write.

      Among so many other reasons, we also write:

  • To pacify confusing inner voices by bathing them in the silence that makes them legible again.
  • To figure out what we stand for about an essential subject.
  • To liberate imprisoned strengths that remain captive inside us and long to be made flesh in words.
  • To sharpen the blade of critical reason and break the chaos for a harsh decision making.
  • To decentre oneself and make two steps towards the unexpected.
  • To give an obscure intuition the form of a diamond.
  • To celebrate the unconceivable wonder of being.
  • To remain aware of the uniqueness of life and how lucky we are to have been here once.
  • To capture the fleeting movement that denounces the dwelling of a wild beauty  in the hearts of humans.
  • To decipher the ineffable footprint left by the loving presence of others.

And you, why do you write?


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8 thoughts on “Why Do You Write?

  1. I like to write because it gives me a natural high. I get really excited about my characters and imagining what will happen to them. It is frustrating, but rewarding. I do, however, become preoccupied/obsessed when I am writing. Have you heard of NaNoWriMo?

    • Hi Sara, thank you for sharing. I went visit NanoWriMo and it seems a quite good way to help people write a novel. I only new sites to help very young people to write novels. As soon As I finish this course I’m in “Better Blogging with Students” I’ll go there to read closely. I don’t write stories, but I would love to learn. My writing is all about reflection or some kind of poetic prose, perhaps it is related with the fact that I chose to study philosophy and not literature.

  2. I used to write as a release for emotions and streams of thoughts, mostly creative in focus. In the olden days, pre-computer era, napkins, scraps of paper, any sort of paper that would hold pen, pencil, or even crayon marks would be used, collected, and filed away.

    Once the computer became a tool, those collections of paper were transposed into bytes of information and my scribbles converted into legible text, printed out, and categorized into binders.

    I still have many sheets and scraps of paper to sort through from way back then. Nowadays, I blog for professional/educational purposes, still creative in nature, but for a different reason.

    • Hi Mr Salvucci
      Thank you for sharing your love for writing. I also use to have a tiny note book with me so that I may write everywhere, and I feel inspired when writing along with my own students. I’ve been on your teacher site and listened to an awesome talk show by your students. In my school we are just on the turning point to innovation, we have still a long way to go. I watched you r explanation about to Edmodo, where I belong too, I even followed the launch of the site, back in 2007 or 2008, but our school is still wondering how to engage students and taking benefit of Edmodo. The language barrier is only a problem for teachers, as our youth feels easily at home in an English speaking environment. See you soon.

    • Thank You, Francisco.
      I’ve published your awesome poem today. Howeverl I don’t think you just write to isolate your self so you can forget your personal problems: in your poem “Emotion” you have courageously faced all the unanswered questions that humans can raise.
      Looking forward to go on reading your texts.
      “Stora” Ines

  3. Thank you, Alexandra, for your comment.
    Yes tha’s a purifying and energizing power in writing; it’s also the great companion of reflection.
    I would love to learn from you about the use of free web 2.0 tools in our writing workshop.
    And I also feel speechless when in a large group, I’m more the introvert kind of person who loves to engage in calm conversations with just a few friends at a time.
    I’m sure you will love the Edublogs Community.

  4. Why do I write, Inês?
    Well, writing for me is cathartic… I don’t feel comfortable having the spotlight when in a group; however, I do enjoy writing, having time to reflect, write and rewrite on my own, about my passions, namely reading, blogging and the implementation of free web 2.0 tools in the classroom.
    That’s me – and why I love writing 🙂

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