Francis, the Uncommon Friend Creative Commons ShA 4.0 International

     We are entering  the celebration of the “Transitus of Francis”, precisely at the eve of his Feast in the Universal Church.

      Back from more than 12 centuries the musical echo of his poems come to us, those poems he not only wrote but also acted, not only sang but transformed in pragmatic love, in life devoid of self and shared to infinity.

      Where does this freshness of an engaging Presence comes from, that  inspires the readiness to accep an unexpected dream?

     Where does this wind of joy blows from, that pushes us to replace, almost suddenly, the friendly shelter, for an enchanted and uncertain journey led by the nostalgy of a different future?

     Francis, the uncommon friend, from the distance of centuries, belongs to all the times, keeps charming them in his tenderness, keeps engaging them in his poverty, keeps impregnating them with the astonishing announcement, as the “Herald of the Great King”.

With Teach Write in October 20

Sharing  Inspiration – Ines – Day 3

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