3th Day Comment Challenge

Today is a calm day: I don’t have to go out visiting the people of the network, I’m supposed to link to co Comment and practice the art of tracking my own comments, as well as being aware of what all that friendly crowd has written yet.

It’s time to relax and reflect a bit about the issues I’m engaging to; yesterday I couldn’t come here for a break and tell about this new experience; I’ve been wondering if I really could keep the rhythm for the next days, since I’ll soon receive a bunch of tests to correct and the annual festival at School to prepare.

Meanwhile, the work in the Moodle platform continues, as well as the building of the Blog for Portuguese within the School site. I know everybody involved in this beautiful Comment Challenge works hard, I wonder if they too feel this difficulty to cope with the Challenge and, at the same time, not failing to other people’s expectancies, not letting anybody down.

I’m learning so much, in such a short time, I hope I will just be able to put it all in practice with time and become a good citizen in the web 2.0 blogosphere.

And now back to the fabulous reading at co Comment!