Francis, the Uncommon Friend Creative Commons ShA 4.0 International

     We are entering  the celebration of the “Transitus of Francis”, precisely at the eve of his Feast in the Universal Church.

      Back from more than 12 centuries the musical echo of his poems come to us, those poems he not only wrote but also acted, not only sang but transformed in pragmatic love, in life devoid of self and shared to infinity.

      Where does this freshness of an engaging Presence comes from, that  inspires the readiness to accep an unexpected dream?

     Where does this wind of joy blows from, that pushes us to replace, almost suddenly, the friendly shelter, for an enchanted and uncertain journey led by the nostalgy of a different future?

     Francis, the uncommon friend, from the distance of centuries, belongs to all the times, keeps charming them in his tenderness, keeps engaging them in his poverty, keeps impregnating them with the astonishing announcement, as the “Herald of the Great King”.

With Teach Write in October 20

Sharing  Inspiration – Ines – Day 3

The Earth Is Yours – “A Loving and Humble Respect”

The earth is your homeMysticsartdesign by pixabay

“…This sublime communion inspires us a sacred respect, loving and humble…”

     This quotation from “Laudato Si”  resonates vividly with the sensibility of young generations; in fact, they are prepared to bring upon the flourishement  of the infinite possibilities  that aim to rise all human life to its “highest exponent of meaning”.

       Our human adventure finds its own open road whenever it accepts the guidance of the purpose of this “sublime communion”  among everything existent; in this communion, we are taken care of as in a royal cribd; in this communion, each one of us receives the mission to take everything existent the more forward they will be able to.

     Everything and everybody belong to us, since the origin until the end of time; in the same way that we own ourselves to that living and mysterious Wholeness that counts on us, that pushes us forward, that secretly defies us and entrusts each one of us with the care for all the others. 

       Such is our free Earth, our open Home.

With Teach Write in October 20– Sharing Inspirations – Ines, Day 2

Progress, Not Perfection


Progresso, não a perfeição

Image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay 

    A spontaneous impulse lives in us towards “the most perfect”; it always lurks our newborn goals, it prowls the corners of our decisions, it even infiltrates the atmosphere of our most ingenious dreams.

    We go against this impulse by simply searching to progress, by each small step of our own determinations. The irresistible cintilation of perfection ceases its hypnotic power just after the first shaky steps which  reveal we have chosen the adventure of progressing.

    As a nocturnal expedition, where the map is drawn as we move forward, the humble discovery of what is uncertain and unheard: thus is the the meander of writing, groping along the elusive and graceful mouvement of words, aspiring their live freedom…

With Teach Write October – Sharing Inspiration 1 Ines 


Peace In Nature
Imagem: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash  

     Guest Bloggers: 7th grades write “at two hands”: 

    Peace is a moment of tranquillity that allows you to reflect upon life and to consider what you have done wrongly or wisely.

     It’s like being in a forest under the moonshine, enjoying good company, silence, and feeling everything around you.

     To feel this ambiance, those smells, that buzz from the bees … in a wonderful landscape.

     Something beautiful, refreshing and quiet like the salty mist, the ocean smell and its incessant movement.

     To plunge into the sea and this being so refreshing, as if you and the sea were just one: this is Peace.

     An eagle that cuts the wind with its awesome wings wide open, flying over the glacier of a magnificent mountain. 

     Me, surrounded by animals, sitting by their little house, building a tiny wood house for another being.

    So much Peace inside you, everything around you is full of quietness and wonder.

    Nature talks to you with silence and with the breeze in the forest, going through drew drops on the verdant leaves.

(Text written “at two hands”according to the bookQuero ser Escritor” de Margarida Fonseca Santos e Elsa Serra)

Alexandre T and André R, 7A

A Hymn to Joy

   Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

Fifth Grade Guest Bloggers:  Text at Three Hands

    As a seed germinates and becomes a flower, hope springs and easily rejoices our heart, as, such as a seed, Joy needs to be cared until it grows and becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

    On Christmas Day, we just awake and happiness comes in:  we look at the day, we find ourselves in Joy. Christmas is a Family moment, everyone is happy from his heart and, with passion, we receive and give presents – we feel gratitude.

    When we rejoice, it’s something extraordinary: in love, there is such Joy that we can’t stop smiling.

    True friends are always at our side, when we need them and even without being called: they play with us, they are like brothers for ever and they never will leave us.

   If Joy was an animal, it would be a little rabbit, running in its freedom, passion and unending emotion.

    The Joy of the Family is such a tender thing we can’t even explain it, for there is so much love flowing that, if we try to count it, it reveals to be infinite.

    The dove of Joy flying and spreading through our souls: we jump, play and sing rejoicing for loving others and for being loved.

    There may be no end to Joy: at its best, it unfolds as love towards friends and family; to be good, to get along with people and a total well-being with friends.

    Joy: an open heart to help who needs us most.

    As a torrent pouring over us, Joy is able to keep growing, without boundaries.

    Free, singing over me, the rain of Joy!


Mariana L.,  Matilde Cons. e Joana Cb.

5th A

Translated from the Portuguese by Ines 

An Exercise for Creative Writing

dois alunos escrevem na oficina   Imagem: Oficina de Escrita

      Some days ago, a Science Teacher asked on Twitter about the eventual interest of an exercise of creative writing that consists in writing by alternate paragraphs, with our students, or to invite them to do it in pairs. I’ll explain here how I do it, as it became one of my students favourite ways of writing

 I learned to write in this way in the children’s book “Quero ser Escritor” (I want to be a Writer), which offers a wide variety of exercises to enhance creative writing. 

  • First, we create together a very “light” prompt – just the general ideas, to preserve the “effect of surprise” this kind of writing provides.
  •  Than we start writing, but must change our notebooks at regular intervals; usually I wait for students to give me the signal. If both writers are students, we agree upon a certain time interval and I warn them when they must change notebooks.
  • Each co-writer is supposed to read the other’s paragraph and to continue his line of thought.
  • When writing with the teacher, Students may be confronted with a paragraph that is out of their immediate “writing-context”, as it is spontaneously more complex and more elaborated; as they must continue the line of thought expressed in the sentences, the adult’s paragraph operates like a model that usually impels young students to structure their sentences more carefully and to enrich their vocabulary.

 I’ve tried this exercise with short narratives – even at “three hands” – and although they usually turn to be very funny, the writing level remains simpler and the vocabulary tends to show less variety.

    This year, in our school, we are working a global theme concerning values: “To be +”. Its abstract and reflective nature makes it easier to alternate paragraphs by different authors.

    In both ways, there is a special empathy and genuine communication growing between co-writers.


Life, a Smile, a Limpid Gaze


      Life  – the first Value – is not a subject that we could write about in a couple of lines; it’s rather a mystery that we can feel.

     Life, multiplied in laughter, keeps jumping, in a vertiginous cascade, through the rocks of Time. We know that suffering is able to bend our hearts, but Life, in itself, is an impetus of uncontained Joy, a foaming enthusiasm that springs from the source.

   Smiling is among the best treasures in Life: with just a Smile we may do a thousand wonders: we may make someone sad to recover contentment again; our Smile is like a wind gust  carrying joy to all those who are capable of capturing it.

   The wonder of a Smile is a quick scintillation of infinity darting out, between two friends, an invincible pact: they will be faithful, they promise mutual support, they trust each other without boundaries. 

     A limpid Gaze is a feeling that don’t allow us to refrain: we have to reveal in refreshing candour, it’s like a river ever flowing.

     A limpid Gaze is an arrow strung in the arch, ready to fly in a straight line: the thoughts are firm,  endorsed by clear words that let the meaning run freely to its end; there is no treason on the lands of Loyalty. 

 Written at “Two Hands”: Federica V, 7th grader and Ines