With a Guest Blogger: “Being Humble”

 Photo by Vittorio Zamboni on Unsplash

  Photo by Vittorio Zamboni on Unsplash   

   This post has been written “at two hands” in alternate paragraphs, with my Guest Blogger:   Margarida CC, 6th Grade.

     Being Humble is an attitude that must be worked out every day: as a cork on the water is constantly pushed to the surface, so we suffer from a natural tendency to become the centre of everything.

    Being Humble may include:

  • Being kind to others;
  • To be aware of ourselves: thus we keep in contact and know more about ourselves.
  • Others get more attention, they feel that someone else understands them.
  • It isn’t enough to be tender and friendly, you have yet to share actively your gifts with others, as a painter shares his pictures, a teacher shares his wisdom and a priest shares his faith.

     As any other value, we may train humility in very simple ways, on a daily basis:

  • To wait five seconds before speaking when a discussion becomes too hot.
  • While engaging in a dialogue with someone, to make a conscientious decision to listen more than to talk.
  • To appreciate the presence of others by raising non-intrusive questions, thus helping others to show the richness of their perspectives.

    To be humble is also to be able to say honestly which attitudes we don’t approve in others without  needing to hurt anyone.

Margarida CC and Ines

Text written “at two hands” according to the book “Quero Ser Escritor” by Margarida Fonseca Santos and Elsa Serra 

Interview – A Singular Path

Words for LifeCreative Commons License Leonard J Matthews via Compfight

#EdublogsClub – Prompt 33

      Today we share the joy of welcoming in our Writing Wworkshop, our dear ex-student, Júlia Marçal,  organizational psychologist and free lancer in a series of enriching initiatives  that have been building her singular path in the professional realm.

     OE – Júlia, please share with us a life experience that may have been passionate for you throughout your early school years.

     JM –  What touches us deeply remains recorded not only in our memory but also in our soul. So are the souvenirs I keep while being a student at Colégio Amor de Deus. A very funny  episode, that I remember vividly, refers to my experience, while a 6th grader, during a visit to the Lisbon Zoo. As we were having lunch –  students and teachers all together –  near the monkeys jail, one of the tiny ones, suddenly approached and seized the yoghurt from Mrs Sandra Pedrosa. There was a burst of laughter!  l 😊

     OE – Could you indicate the main factors that have modelled the original path you have been mapping as an independent professional?

     JMParticipating in different kinds of projects, being in touch with a variety of  tasks and people have been the main motivating factors so far.   Projects as my own book: “A Comida como Almofada Emocional – Why do we eat withouth feeling hungry?” become possible and allow me to put my creativity in practice and make my work known.

     OE  Which advices would you give to a young person newly arrived at the job market in order to be guided in this complex world, in the search for a job?

      JM –  The advice I would give to these young people is to choose a job aligned with their own values and personal interests, as it makes it easier to keep motivated. Another advice would be: don’t stop looking for different and better opportunities, in order to learn new competencies and abilities, which is fundamental in a job market facing constant change.  

     OE – If you could enjoy two years of financial freedom to survive with a moderate well-being, what activities would you chose to devote yourself. Why?

    JM –  Under these conditions, I would devote to writing, one of my great passions, as well as to projects related with empowering people at both  personal and professional levels.  

    OE – Thank you, Julia, for accepting to participate in this Edublogs Challenge. And keep up with your joyful comitment and creative work.

Júlia Marçal and Inpi

Author of “A Comida como Almofada Emocional

and Unforgettable Student at CAD

The Bloggers Of The Future


My Answer To Cameron

 If you could describe my blog in just a few words what would they be?

Some personal issues retained me from visiting Cameron’s Blog sooner, but here I am to answer her question and tell her why I have  chosen her blog to nominate, which are the features that I admire in it.

First of all I had been visiting her blog since the beginning of the students blogging competition; I just loved to rest for a small pause there, listening to her music. Thus I took the time to get acquainted with her style, and to appreciate it.

I couldn’t possibly have done the same with all the new student blogs that were popping up everywhere in the space of stubc08, although I visited a lot of them; and I’m certain I would find new  treasures if had been given time to visit more accurately so many blogs I miss. I won’t name them here, some of them are present on the blog roll of our class blog but the complete list would be too long. 

Thus, all along the challenge, I have become aware of the progress Cameron was making: her writing was evolving both in clarity and in expressing something unique: her own voice.

The first post that stroked me was “Things to Think About” – I know the students from Connecticut  have a great teacher that comes up with thoughtful subjects to blog about – however, the progression of ideas was genuinely hers, and I surprised myself to be wondering about these same questions,   thanks to the power of her only words.

“Would you listen to a 12 years old?” – Cameron asks in this post. My answer to her question is:” – Yes, I would.”- In fact, I found inspiration and renewed my courage to face the daily fight of life, – to get all duties done, to bring justice into small actions, to accept unpredictable problems and suffering,  – as well as I have renewed my capacity to contemplate the  wonders that humbly surround us in everyday life – the healing power of music, the beauty of nature, the mysterious ways of  human friendship  –  just by letting the spirit of “joyful rebellion for a better world”, that animates Cameron’s writing, take hold of me.

As Miss W. puts it in a comment to the Edublog Awards announcement “Any chance in future for a student award as they don’t have the PLN that adult bloggers has? Even under primary/elementary, middle, high and senior high school. Remember these are the bloggers of the future we should be helping to grow.” 

I believe that young bloggers are already playing an active part in the renewal of our era; that the fragile web they are weaving with their written words conceal the power to multiply and deepen friendly connections as the foundations of a different society:  the one that will find its joy in sharing and thus will be healthier, more happy, more free.

So, Cameron, in a few words, I would define your blog as “Joyful Rebellion for a Better World”.

Ines Pinto