Student Blogging Challenge – Catching Up

the world in a hand: announcing the weeks of the Student Blogging Challenge

Image: Courtesy of EdublogsWords Translated with Kathleen’s Permission

     So here we are back on track again for a new edition of the famous Challenge that brings joyfully together hundreds of  Students and thus helps to shape a brighter future for our world.

 Under the charm and experience of both  Sue and Kathleen, we,  blogging lover adults, dare to engage in this inspiring initiative as respectful and enthusiastic commenters. 

     The first two weeks seemed to run so fast that I hardly could follow the wide range of enlightening readings provided by the Challenge Blog Posts.

     So, although I have started to translate them, I soon had to give up and turned instead to focus on actively listening to the young Students entrusted to my care.

 That was surely a rewarding step: kids struggle to identify themselves with the stylized features offered by the Avatars and, by justifying their choices, they start a reflexion upon their own personality: “I choose to put myself in a classroom because I like to learn” – says Gabe;  or even with some humor: “I put my Avatar in Jail because I thought it was funny” – dares Aidan.

As a commenter, I feel grateful for the privilege of listening so closely to the voices of our Youth. I  would like to thank Edublogs for this renewed chance and formulate a vow: may all the Young Participants fully enjoy their Blogging.