Peace In Nature
Imagem: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash  

     Guest Bloggers: 7th grades write “at two hands”: 

    Peace is a moment of tranquillity that allows you to reflect upon life and to consider what you have done wrongly or wisely.

     It’s like being in a forest under the moonshine, enjoying good company, silence, and feeling everything around you.

     To feel this ambiance, those smells, that buzz from the bees … in a wonderful landscape.

     Something beautiful, refreshing and quiet like the salty mist, the ocean smell and its incessant movement.

     To plunge into the sea and this being so refreshing, as if you and the sea were just one: this is Peace.

     An eagle that cuts the wind with its awesome wings wide open, flying over the glacier of a magnificent mountain. 

     Me, surrounded by animals, sitting by their little house, building a tiny wood house for another being.

    So much Peace inside you, everything around you is full of quietness and wonder.

    Nature talks to you with silence and with the breeze in the forest, going through drew drops on the verdant leaves.

(Text written “at two hands”according to the bookQuero ser Escritor” de Margarida Fonseca Santos e Elsa Serra)

Alexandre T and André R, 7A

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8 thoughts on “Peace In Nature

  1. Hi Andre and Alex,

    I hope the rain stops soon!

    Our weather here is very funny. In fact, some people say Melbourne has “four seasons in one day”. On the weekend it was extremely hot and this week it is very mild — under 20 degrees. I prefer the warm weather!

    I’m glad you have nice beaches there too.

    Kathleen 🙂

  2. Hi Kathleen ,
    Alex and André are answering:
    What a shame you can not go out! When heat will come down, if you can, take your children with you and plunge with them in the heart of Nature.
    Thus you will even forget the intense heat in Australia.
    In Portugal, we can’t go out because it’s raining! But sometimes when it stops, we go outside and play with our friends. I love Meco’s Beach in the South of Lisbon.

  3. Hi Sue and Kathleen,
    my young authors will come on Thursday to the Writing Workshop, and then they will read and answer your encouraging comments. They surely will be surprised!
    Thank you

  4. G’day Alexandre and Andre,
    Love the way you have written about peace. I enjoy sitting in the bush here in Australia and just enjoying the silence or the birds singing. You notice so much more of what is happening around you when you sit there in silence.

    • Here are Alex and André (I will subscribe them briefly)
      Hi, Miss Sue
      Thanks for commenting. We hope you continue to visit us.
      When you sit in the bush, can you see Kangaroos or Tasmanian Devils?
      We know you created the Student Challenge! Our challenge is: when you will be again in the bush, go on trying to be one with Nature!
      Alex and André

      • G’day again Alex and Andre,
        When I sit in the bush I can see small kangaroos known as wallabies or bettongs. I can sit in my garden at home and hear lots of birds like magpies, galahs, rosellas and kookaburras.

  5. Dear Alexandre and Andre,

    What a lovely post. You have chosen some excellent words to describe peace in nature.

    It’s nice to disconnect sometimes and get out in nature.

    I’m in Australia and it’s currently 40 degrees Celsius here. So sadly, it’s best to stat indoors today. What’s the weather like in Portugal lately?

    Keep up your great writing!
    Kathleen Morris

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